The Group is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by integrating it into the way the business is run. The key CSR initiatives undertaken by United Malacca Berhad Group in 2009/2010 are as follow:-

At the workplace, safety-related programmes for employees and tranning programmes to upgrade employees’ skills and competency were conducted. The Group provides as its employees and families in the estates with quality facilities and amenities to live and work comfortably. Medical care and hospitalization insurance cover for employees and families are also provided.

The Group’s contributions to the community are by way of donations to charitable organizations, offer of scholarships for higher education and providing job opportunities offered to local community particular in Sabah.

The Group is aware of the importance of conserving and preserving our natural environment. The Group’s business responsibility, while geared towards increasing profitability, is also to implement good agricultural practices in an endeavour to protect the environment and adhere to the national environmental policies. Proper soil and water conservation measures coupled with sound agronomic practices will ensure the sustainability and environmental friendly nature of oil palm cultivation.