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1st May 2014

New Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter A/L Benjamin

Change in Principal Officer
Date of change 01/05/2014
Name Mr. Peter A/L Benjamin
Age 57
Nationality MALAYSIAN
Type of change Appointment
Designation Chief Executive Officer
Qualifications Bachelor of Science (Botany) University of Kerala, India
Working experience and occupation 1979 to 1981 – Kuala Lumpur Kepong
Started employment as a field supervisor for rubber with Kuala
Lumpur Kepong
1982 to 2000 Boustead/Tradewinds
Joined Boustead Estate Agency as Assistant Manager in Sabah, confirmed in 1983 and promoted to Manager in 1992. Managed cocoa and oil palm plantations, including new planting and matured areas. Due to change in management, was absorbed into Tradewinds from Boustead in 1992. Managed new planting and matured oil palms.
Transferred to Distinct Plantations as Planting Adviser/General Manager in 1994. Tradewinds was managing agent for Distinct Plantations.
2000 to 2004 – Eminent Capital
Worked for Eminent Capital as General Manager, Plantations and Oil Mill but resigned when plantation was converted into property development.
2004 to 2007 – Sinar Mas group
District Manager for PT Arara Abadi, part of the Sinar Mas Group in Indonesia. Managed 42,000 hectares of foresty plantation, planting Acacia and Eucalyptus on mineral and peat soil.
Promoted as Plantation Controller in charge of 50,000 hectares of foresty plantations.
2007 to 2010 – Cargill
Field Manager in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with US agricultural giant Cargill, managing oil palm plantations. Took job to handle challenge of working in PNG and to return to planting oil palms.
2010 to 2012 – PT Ganda Sawit Utama
Head of Plantations with PT Ganda Sawit Utama. Oversaw development of 120,000 hectares of land and planting of oil palms.
May 2012 to April 2014 – Sampoerna Agro
Chief Operating Officer of Crude Palm Oil with Sampoerna Agro, managing oil palm plantations in Sumatra and Kalimantan, sago in Riau and rubber in Kalimantan.
Directorship of public companies (if any) None
Family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of the listed issuer None
Any conflict of interests that he/she has with the listed issuer or its subsidiaries None
Details of any interest in the securities of the listed issuer or its subsidiaries None